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Add: Zhaiqiao Industrial Concentration Zone, Qianhuang
Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Contact:Mr zhang  18106115968
Postal code:213172
[email protected]


Sales call:0519-86485968
Technical phone:0519-86283859
Sales fax:0519-86485959

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Hot key words: Geared motor | Cycloid reducer | Hardened gear reducer | Industry-specific reducer and other series


SR direct-coupled helical gear reducer

SP parallel shaft helical gear reducer

SK bevel gear-helical gear reducer

SW worm gear-gear reducer

B, X series cycloid reducer

ZY series cylindrical gear reducer

Product Center

The testing means is complete, the technical force is strong

Focus on the development and

manufacture of reducers.

Falna Transmission

Safety · Environmentally friendly · Efficient

More than 30,000 square meters of production plants,

quality delivery guarantee.

30 years focused on the development and manufacture of reducers

A professional company that produces gearboxes has a history of more than 30 years of gearbox manufacturing.

The company has high-quality production equipment and manufacturing processes, each of which has undergone rigorous production testing standards.

More than 30 years of development and manufacture of reducer, master the core technology.

Strong research and development strength is your solid backing

Adhere to the road of brand management, regard quality as the heart of the enterprise, and regard service as the life of the enterprise.

With more than 20 senior R&D expert teams, we can undertake the design and manufacture of special working conditions and special reducer requirements.

A number of international quality certifications, strict quality inspection.

Rigorous quality management processes to ensure high quality products

The product has a reliable quality assurance system, and the products have passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification.

The company can also provide users with a variety of non-standard reducer design and manufacturing, each process has a strict scientific management process.

More than 30 years of development and manufacture of reducer, master the core technology.

24-hour online consultation to make the service more intimate

Professional R & D team, perfect after-sales service, one-on-one service specialists, let you have no worries;

All-day technical consultation, after-sales service quick response, ready to help you solve problems.

Engineering Case


Sewage Treatment Industry

Chemical Engineering Stirring Industry

Plastic Machinery Industry

Conveying Machinery Industry

About Us

Changzhou Falna Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Falna Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. produces reducers. It has passed the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System certification. It boasts its advanced production equipment and production process, complete inspection means and solid technical power.

The company has established a close cooperation relationship with a lot of domestic research institutions and become an assorted unit for key enterprises in many industries of China.

Common Problem

How to choose the right gear reducer?
In the reducer series, the gear reducer is widely used in servo, stepping, DC and other transmission systems due to its small size, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range and high precision. Their role is to ensure the premise of precision transmission. Mainly used to reduce the speed and reduce the load / motor moment of inertia ratio. How to choose a gear reducer?
The cause of the malfunction of the reducer due to the lubricating oil
1 improper use of lubricating oil Different parts of the reducer have different requirements on the variety, viscosity and other properties of the lubricant. The choice of matching can reduce the fric

Company News | Industry News

Cycloid reducer operating characteristics
1. Further achieving a high level of precision and stable forming By using the latest servo controller to control the low inertia and high response servo motor developed by our company, detail control and higher precision stable forming are realized. It can also be equipped with a new theoretical plasticizing system (SL spiral type) that achieves high stability and plasticization (Note). 2. Energy efficient performance A thorough re-evaluation of the mechanical efficiency of previous models has resulted in a 20% reduction in power consumption compared to previous models. Moreover, by reassessing the quality of the grease and the grease supply system, the grease consumption is successfully halved. The overall length of the model is reduced by up to 10% compared to the previous one, further expanding the freedom of placement of the device. 3. easy to use New operating performance, simple setting screen. This model cuts the setting items by 50% and shortens the set time. Even the less experienced operators can operate correctly. Moreover, the model supports 15 languages including Chinese, Korean and Spanish.
The quality of the reducer directly determines the service life of the equipment
When the reducer wears well, and when this is guaranteed, our equipment will have a long service life, so we have learned the importance of quality through such a simple case. When we talk about quality, we can't help but think of the quality of the reducer. As a product, he should have his own quality assurance. So, is the importance of his quality assurance reflected in it? You analyze it. Good quality assurance will have more customers and buyers. As a product, to realize his own value, he must sell him, so if it can have a higher quality, then its purchase Invisible will be guaranteed. The second is to improve its work efficiency, just like the case we mentioned before, in the case of high quality, the service life of the product will naturally be there, so if the quality of the reducer is good enough, we can not use the regular Replacement has also saved a lot of waste of financial resources. The last reason is also the most important reason. In fact, the reducer is a relatively important part of the conveyor. When the conveyor is working, it relies mainly on his drag, so good quality can let us The conveyor belt can work normally, so quality issues are particularly important here.
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